Tuesday, April 17, 2007

odd names

Sometimes I’m so astonished about the hotels names!! For example in Cyprus there is The Alexander the Great Hotel! So... I can understand this because the monument to this great person stands close to the hotel.

But in London exist The Caesar Hotel. It’s interesting, why namely Caesar? There is no such a monument near the hotel for sure!

It’s interesting will somebody name his/her hotel or restaurant President Bush and the Army? J

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

my useful journey

Finally I’ve visited Athens! I dreamt about this for several years! I met there one interesting person Georg, I’ve become acquainted with him before this trip. We spoke a lot about different interesting things. We sat with him in best caf├ęs and walked along old streets. He knows a lot about Greek history. I won’t learn that without him. I enjoyed that time spent with him.

In the airplane I’ve met another person Jay – a very cheery man! We had a lot of fun during our flight.

Accidentally I’ve removed all my Athens pictures! It is a thousand pities! I’ll ask Georg to send them to me and then I’ll post them here.

In addition I’ve found some useful resources where I can keep my links, and another useful pages. It’s strange but I haven’t considered this before.

Probably it would be better to associate with more different people.