Wednesday, April 4, 2007

my useful journey

Finally I’ve visited Athens! I dreamt about this for several years! I met there one interesting person Georg, I’ve become acquainted with him before this trip. We spoke a lot about different interesting things. We sat with him in best cafés and walked along old streets. He knows a lot about Greek history. I won’t learn that without him. I enjoyed that time spent with him.

In the airplane I’ve met another person Jay – a very cheery man! We had a lot of fun during our flight.

Accidentally I’ve removed all my Athens pictures! It is a thousand pities! I’ll ask Georg to send them to me and then I’ll post them here.

In addition I’ve found some useful resources where I can keep my links, and another useful pages. It’s strange but I haven’t considered this before.

Probably it would be better to associate with more different people.

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