Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Time is money

I think I will not manage to visit Japan I find the flight till there too expensive American Air Companies are well known for the cheap tickets they are offering, the problem is that i haven't found such a company yet. Today I had a lot of problems working with the computers. One of them seems to have a system mistake that's why it blocks all the time, another needed ICQ version reinstalled - thanks God I managed to do this!!! The visual design is cool but the system works so hard . I can't wait August to come when I'll take a vacation from all this. I think I must reorganize my work, make it more effective and be able to enjoy the Summer, all three months,.... no, better four.
I found an interesting site, I think the only thing missing there is a web camera
I believe only poets are able to describe something in words. Vissual representation is more comprehensive and accessible. I would like to see so many places, and money are always the reason why i can't do this. It is a pity that we have to spent a lot of money in order to visit a beautiful place.

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