Thursday, February 3, 2011


The best day off is when you do what you want. Yesterday I communicated with my friends half-day, and listened to my favorite music. But the rest half-day my family asked me to do that, to go there! Is this rest?!
My friend Alexander from Russia says that there a lot of people were fired and he afraids that he will be fired as well. He says that there is not real crisis in Russia. In crisis are only such fabrics which works with petroleum. But on other enterprises there is only redistribution of property - those enterprises and banks which are connected with government, any ways try to prevent their competitors work and for very small cost to buy up other factories and banks. This is an usual repartition of the property. My friend Roman on Cyprus told that was going to sell the house and to move to the South Africa to live. It is very pity. I visited him in his house in Protaras - there is so nice! I think that in South Africa he will live not worse, but to visit him will be more difficult, the flying - tickets are much more expensive. But on Cyprus his business is going worse - he works with design for firms, but there are no orders. Nobody from my friends are delightful from this autumn and winter. Everybody expects that will be worse.
But I believe that everything will be much better!

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